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GO AIRRIT Live Streaming capabilities allow you to reach everyone in real time. A live streaming platform instantly connects you with your students, customers, or followers in the event that a virtual event is your primary option.
Deliver content wherever your audience is
GO AIRRIT is leading Live Streaming platforms
  • Social media
  • Virtual event & webinar
  • Enterprise video
  • Team collaboration

Virtual movie nights with GO AIRRIT

  • Watch together, even when apart
  • Stream with up to 30 friends
  • Pause, rewind, react together
  • Easy setup and sharing

Secure sharing

Safely send and receive videos of all sizes, and enjoy password protection and domain-level privacy.
No video experience necessary
Works with the resources—team, equipment, budget—you already have


Go live with GO AIRRIT Share your Content to all platforms

Schedule Your Event

Schedule your event. Test your setup in the preview screen right before you GO LIVE Make sure it all looks and sounds good before you start streaming.

Customize Your Profiles

Set up your profile Customize your Profile visuals, audio, and graphics in GO AIRRIT Brand Studio so you’re ready to rock when it’s time to start live video streaming. After your Brand Studio Profile has been created customize your Live Streaming Platform here:

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First Class Package

  1. Watch Live Streams and Virtual Events 
  2. Watch Exclusive Content and Videos-on-Demand (VOD) 
  3. Leave messages and chat with content creators 
  4. Upload Videos to your GoAirrit User Channel
  5. Schedule and Create private meeting rooms On-The-Go 
  6. LIVE STREAM High-Quality Events, Meetings, and Podcasts 
  7. Multiple people in Multiple Locations Live streaming at once
  8. Embed Your Live Stream on your Website or Platform.

Only $150 a/month


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Are you ready to connect your life?

Air-it-up and CONNECT your business partners, family, and friends like never before. 

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Flight Package

  1. Watch Live Streams and Virtual Events
  2. Watch Exclusive Content and Videos-on-Demand (VOD)
  3. Leave messages and chat with creators
  4. Upload Videos to your GoAirrit User Channel
  5. Schedule and Create private meeting rooms On-The-Go

Only $15 a/month


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Custom Branding, Virtual Event & Digital Marking Services

Looking for business services,  custom branding, or digital marketing services complete the

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Looking for Custom Virtual Event services for your brand or corporation complete the

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Live Recording & Boardcasting

What set’s GO AIRRIT aapart from many other live streaming platforms is that you can start your recording or live streaming sessions by just one click. It’s literally that easy. You can do that anywhere which means you can share your life, thoughts, and visions wherever you are as long as you have an Internet connection.

Live Shows

If you don’t feel like stepping in front of the camera, then there are millions of people that you can watch streaming their live shows. Whether it is for entertainment, fun or just to take the pulse on what’s going on in the world, the Bigo Live platform offers millions of talented broadcasters that are there to entertain you.

Video Calling & Video Rooms

The platform is not just an entertainment platform. Far from it. You can also use GO AIRRIT as a video call or a voice chat tool to communicate with your friends and even make new friends from all over the world. With the same convenience, with just one push of a button, you are making a video call and starting a voice chat. No unnecessary setup time or annoyances like that.

LIve Chat

Live chat is a tool used to offer real-time service online. It allows your friends to get immediate support or information, via a handy chat window. So, the friends types a message inside the live chat session.

Multi-User Screen Sharing

customers can reach viewers across multiple live platforms. Users can stream to GO AIRRIT and several other platforms at the same time — up to thirty at once! — through our longstanding native integration with Facebook and now LinkedIn, too.

Game Live Stereaming

For most people, live streaming means watching someone or streaming playing games yourself. This is a category Bigo Live is especially great at. With its more than 400 million monthly users you can also be sure to rack up an audience worthy of a world-renowned streamer. Just set up your stream, load up the game of the day, and get streaming. Build that audience and push your greatness to unlimited heights.

Our Company

Go Airrit mission statement is to be authentic, deliver live and real content streaming that innovates and pushing the world forward.